Kimaye Kesar Mangoes (Pack of 3 & 6)

Kesar is an intensely sweet mango that cannot fail to be satisfying, and flavorsome. Often known as Gir Kesar, grown in a specific region around Gir forest is popularly known to have been the favorite of the Nawabs from Junagadh.
Each Kimaye Kesar mango goes through carbide-free ripening process, is traceable to it's farmer and source and comes with a minimum guaranteed weight and size.

Origin : India

₹20500 ₹39900 ₹39900

₹17500 ₹33900 ₹69900

Pack of 3-4 (0.9 kg)Pack of 3-4 (0.9 kg)
Pack of 6-7 (1.8 kg)Pack of 6-7 (1.8 kg)
Buy 6 Get 3 freeBuy 6 Get 3 free
₹ 175
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Storage Instructions:

-Store Kesar mangoes in ambient temperature and for best experience consume when fully ripe.
-When fully ripe, consume the mangoes within 2 days.

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kimaye promise

Bringing you the GI tagged Gir Kesar mangoes straight from the farms of Gujarat. Each mango is organically ripened, traceable to it's farmer and source and comes with a minimum guaranteed weight and size.

Kimaye Kesar
Kimaye Badami

Fruit Fun Facts

The beloved Kesar mango has a unique, royal history. It was first spotted by the Wazir of Junagarh who sent it to Mangrol's Sheikh. The Sheikh planted the kernel in his garden and named it Saale ki Aambdi. Later grafts were planted in Junagadh Laal Dori farm and the first fruits were offered to Junagadh Nawab to taste who named it Kesar because of the orange pulp and exotic taste.

Health Benefits

Health Benefits

Mangoes are low in calories but full of nutrients. Mango consumption helps in improving vision and minimize the risk of cataract. Mangoes also help in keeping the skin healthy and protects against breast, colon, leukemia and prostate cancer.

Nutritional Information
Total Calories

Total Calories
107 Kcal


28.1 g

Vitamin A

Vitamin A
1262 IU


23.1 mg

*Note: Nutritional Information per 100 g of Mangoes