Kimaye Nagpuri Santra (2 pc & 4 pc )

A variety of Orange from the local farms of Nagpur, Maharashtra (GI Tagged) characterized by unique sweet-sour flavor an aroma that is matchless. The flavor is a result of a unique acid-sugar blend that is not found in any other orange across the world.
Each "Santra" is traceable to its farmer & source and meets the Kimaye safety & quality standards with a minimum guaranteed size and weight.

Origin : Maharashtra, India

Weight : 2 pc~(0.48kg ~0.52kg) ; 4 pc ~ (0.98kg~1.02kg)

₹ 112

Pack of 4 pcPack of 4 pc
Storage Instructions:

- Store "Santras" in refrigerated conditions and consume within 5 days of delivery.

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Coming from the local farms of Nagpur(GI Tagged), each "Santra" is traceable to its farmer & source. Every piece meets the Kimaye safety and quality standards with a minimum guaranteed size and weight.

Kimaye Santra
Kimaye Santra

Fruit Fun Facts

The word orange comes from "nāraṅga" the Sanskrit word for orange tree. As opposed to this, the word Santra comes from the Portuguese word Cintra which is a city in Portugal. Nagpur Orange holds a GI tag and Nagpur officially holds the tag of Orange City.

Health Benefits

Oranges are a rich source of bioflavonoids which are critical for maintaining blood capillary health and also help in treating hemorrhoids, bleeding kidneys and bleeding gums. They keep the immune system strong and ward off winter colds as well as hasten recovery time.

Nutritional Information
Total Calories

Total Calories
53 Kcal

Vitamin C

Vitamin C
26.7 mg


13.31 g

Dietary Fibre

1.8 g

*Note: Nutritional Information is per 100 g