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Welcome to Kimaye! Help us with a few details before you begin enjoying our safe and tasty fruits.

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Shot on Location

Know the farmer

Meet the ones who toiled hard to deliver quality fruits to you.

Know the source

Our key fruit-growing locations include:

Know the journey

You can now unveil the entire journey of a fruit just by scanning a QR code.

Hear it From Our Farmers

Enhancing the Kimaye Experience

Fulfilling your local and exotic fruit cravings

Kimaye-grown fruits

These fruits are grown with the help of our farmer partners. We train the farmers and hone their technical know-how to grow quality fruits.

The supply chain is handled by Kimaye, ensuring that only quality fruits earn the Kimaye badge.

We partner with more than 5,000 farmers across 8 states to grow fruits that meet export quality standards.

Kimaye-fulfilled fruits

Local Jewels - Kimaye partners with either a large farmer or an FPO to manage the farmer relationship. The guidance is provided to these partners who further implement quality standards on farms.

Kimaye Global - Only the best Global companies who adhere to our standards of fruit safety and quality become our partners for imported fruits.