Kimaye Apricots (Pack of 250g & 500g)

Apricots are stone fruits, characterized by their thin skin, pulpy middle, and a hard central shell enclosing a pit. They have a smooth and velvety outer skin with a rosy blush, and can range in color from pale yellow to golden, depending on how ripe they are. The flesh is juicy and sweet. The taste is often a mix of peach and plum. .

Origin : India

Weight : 250g & 500g

₹7900 ₹15500

₹8500 ₹17000

250 g250 g
500 g500 g
₹ 79
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Storage Instructions:

- Store Apricots in ambient temperatures and consume within 2-3 days of delivery.

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kimaye promise

Bringing you Kimaye Apricots straight from the farms of Kashmir. Each apricot is naturally ripened and traceable to it's farmer and source.

Kimaye Apricots
Kimaye Apricots

Fruit Fun Facts

Apricots are members of the rose family, closely related to plum, peach, cherry and almond. Their full botanical name, Prunus armeniaca, is a reference to Armenia, where the ancient Greeks believed the apricot came from.