Kimaye Arils-Coco Cup (125g)

A perfect blend of red and white, Kimaye Arils-Coco Cup contains Arils and Grated Coconut. Kimaye Arils are non-frozen, non-dried, fresh pomegranate seeds. Kimaye freshly grated coconut is as fresh as it could be. Forget the hassle of peeling pomegranates or grating coconut in your kitchen, coz' we got you covered with this yummy ready to eat treat!  

Origin : India

Weight : 125g

₹5500 ₹14000

125 g125 g
Pack of 3 (375g)Pack of 3 (375g)
125 g125 g
Pack of 3 (375g)Pack of 3 (375g)
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Storage Instructions:

- Shelf Life: 10 days when stored at temperature of 2 to 5⁰C

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