Kimaye Custard Apple (Pack of 500 gm & 1 kg)

Custard apples are juicy, creamy, sweet, and fragrant with a tropical aroma and hints of vanilla. They are medium to large in size and oblate or heart-shaped. The skin is thin, tough, and knobbly with dark green flesh when young, and lightens to a pea-green when ripe. The cream-colored flesh is soft and custard-like and encased in flesh, are up to twelve hard, brown or black inedible seeds.

Origin : India

Kimaye Seasonal : Kimaye Seasonal : Fruits sourced from the most capable local partners who adhere to our safety standards and delivered through a contamination-free process by Kimaye.

Weight : Pack of 500 gm and 1 kg

₹ 125₹ 244

Pack of 500 gm (2 pc)Pack of 500 gm (2 pc)
Pack of 1 kg (4-5 pc)Pack of 1 kg (4-5 pc)
₹ 125
Storage Instructions:

- Keep the fruit stored for a day after delivery in refrigerated conditions and consume next day.

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kimaye promise

Bringing you Custard Apple straight from the farms of Maharashtra,India. Each Custard Apple is naturally ripened .

Kimaye Custard Apple
Kimaye Custard Apple

Fruit Fun Facts

Though it is popularly known as Sitafal but the actual name is Sugar-Apple and its scientific name is Annona Squamo. Its origin is in Sanskrit i.e. “sheet” in hindi means cold and “phal” is fruit and having excess of it can give you cold and also it has a cooling effect on your body so hence the name is Sitafal.

Health Benefits

Health Benefits

Custard apples are an excellent sources of vitamin B, vitamin C, iron, potassium, magnesium, copper, and dietary fiber. they have been used around the world to reduce symptoms of colds, indigestion, pain, and to help promote healthy blood flow. In India, the juice of unripe fruit has been used to relieve symptoms from insect bites, and pastes created from the leaves helps to speed up healing time and destroy worms in wounds. It has also been used to help reduce symptoms of arthritis pain and diarrhea.

Nutritional Information
Total Calories

Total Calories
75 Kcal


17.7 g

Vitamin C

Vitamin C
12.6 mg


3 g

*Note: Nutritional Information per 100 g of Custard Apple