Kimaye Pak Choi (1 pc~200g)

Pak choi has a crisp, chewy consistency when raw with a green, sweet, and mustard-like taste. When Pak choi is cooked, it develops a tender texture and the flavor mellows to a taste similar to common cabbage and spinach.Pak choi has curved, thick stems connected to oval-shaped leaves, averaging 20-25 centimeters in length, and are loosely clustered to a bulbous base.

Origin : India

Weight : 1 pc~ 200g


₹ 49
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Storage Instructions:

- Store the Pak Choi in refrigerated conditions and consume within 1-2 days of delivery.

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Kimaye Partners with the best producers around the globe to bring to you the superior quality Pak Choi. The stringent quality processes at our facilities ensure that you get nothing but the best!

Kimaye Pak Choi
Kimaye Pak Choi>

Fruit Fun Facts

Pak choi is consumed during Chinese New Year celebrations, which is an annual holiday that marks the new moon in January or February. Believed to represent good luck, prosperity, and blessings of a long life for elders. utilizing baby pak choi whole in dishes to symbolize wholeness and promote a good beginning and end to the year.

Health Benefits

Health Benefits

Pak choi is an excellent source of vitamins A and C, which are antioxidants that can help protect the immune system and repair cell damage. It also contains vitamins B6, K, and E.

Nutritional Information
Total Calories

Total Calories
9.1 Kcal


1.5 g


0.7 g

Vitamin C

Vitamin C
45 mg

*Note: Nutritional Information is per 100 g of Pak Choi