Kimaye Papaya (1 pc )

A pear-shaped fruit with a yellow-green flesh that bears a pocket of seeds in its central core. The flesh is similar in texture and consistency to that of a mango. It is semi-firm and succulent, easily pierced when ripe. The flesh's flavor is lean and sweet.

Origin : Maharashtra, India

Weight : 1 pc ≈ 0.9kg ~ 1.2kg



1 pc1 pc
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Storage Instructions:

- Store Papaya in ambient conditions until ripe. On ripening, store the cut papaya in the refrigerator

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kimaye promise

Bringing to you the Kimaye Papaya straight from the farms of Maharashtra, India. Each Papaya is traceable to it's farmer and source and meets the Kimaye safety and quality standards.

Kimaye Papaya
Kimaye Papaya

Fruit Fun Facts

Papaya's do not grow on trees, they grow on large leafy herbs. Most of Maharashtra's papaya production goes towards papain extraction, likely for medicinal and cosmetic use

Health Benefits

Health Benefits

Papaya contains an enzyme called papain which sells a health supplement. The enzyme eases digestion acts as a natural pain reliever and reduce inflammation. Papaya also have carotenoid called beta-cryptotxanthin which helps make the skin softer.

Nutritional Information
Total Calories

Total Calories
39 Kcal


9.8 g

Vitamin A

Vitamin A
1094 IU

Vitamin C

Vitamin C
61.8 mg

*Note: Nutritional Information is per 100 g of Papaya