Kimaye Pear Beauty (Pack of 2 & 4)

Beauty pears are medium in size and oblong in shape. The skin is an attractive greenish-yellowish-reddish skin covered in gray lenticels. The texture of the white flesh is melting and buttery and the flavor is of high quality, aromatic with floral notes.

Origin : South Africa 

Weight : (Pack of 2)~0.32 kg to 0.36 kg ; (Pack of 4)~0.68 kg to 0.71 kg

₹9500 ₹17900

₹9100 ₹17200

Pack of 2 (0.32 kg to .36 Kg)Pack of 2 (0.32 kg to .36 Kg)
Pack of 4 (0.68 kg to 0.71 kg)Pack of 4 (0.68 kg to 0.71 kg)
₹ 91
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Storage Instructions:

- Store Pear Beauty in refrigerated conditions and consume within 2-3 days of delivery

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kimaye promise

Kimaye partners with best producers around the globe to bring to you the superior quality pears. The stringent quality processes at our facilities ensure that you get nothing but the best.

Kimaye Pears Beauty
Kimaye Pears

Fruit Fun Facts

Beauty pear is a variety of Pyrus communis grown in South Africa and available in Indonesia. Beauty Pear is also grown and sold elsewhere in the world, and may in fact be the same as the variety of pear known as Forelle.

Health Benefits

Health Benefits

One medium sized pear is a low calorie fruit loaded with vitamins B6, C, and K, potassium, calcium, and iron. The fiber in pears promotes a healthy digestive system and heart, while the antioxidants protect the body’s cells from damage.

Nutritional Information
Total Calories

Total Calories



Dietary Fibre

Dietary Fibre



*Note: Nutritional Information is per piece of Pear (200g)