Kimaye Plum-Blueberries Combo

 The Kimaye Plum-Blueberry Combo is here to tantalise your taste buds with a combination of sweet juicy and tarty flavor. This combo is bound to give you taste and nutrition. The presence of phenols in the dark red skin of plums provide antioxidants whereas blueberries are the super source of Vitamin C that help build immunity.

This combo contains
  • Plums Indian (250g) and
  • Blueberries (125g)



Pack of (250+125)gPack of (250+125)g
₹ 440 ₹ 418
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Storage Instructions:

- Store Blueberries in refrigerated condition and consume within 4 days of delivery
- Store Plums in refrigerated condition and consume within 3-4 days of delivery.

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