Kimaye Sapota (6 pcs)

Sapota, commonly known as Sapodilla are oval shaped fruit with a potato like appearance and faint squash-like scent when sliced open. The flesh is sweet and musky with molasses, pear, and brown sugar nuances. Sapotas are known to be an integral part of home remedies and traditional medicine.

Origin : Karnataka,India

Pack : 6 pcs ≈ 0.50 kg~0.55 kg



6 pcs6 pcs
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Storage Instructions:

- Store Sapota in ambient condition until ripe. Consume within 1-2 days after ripening.

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kimaye promise

Bringing this sweet fruit straight from the farms of Karnataka. Every Sapota is traceable to its farmer and source and meets Kimaye safety and quality standards.

Kimaye Sapota
Kimaye Sapota

Fruit Fun Facts

Sapota also known as Sapodilla fruits are known by many names worldwide, including Chikoo, Zapotillo, Sapota, Naseberry, Sepadilla, and Zapote. When ripe, Sapotas are considered a luxury fruit that is consumed fresh to savor the flesh’s warm, malty flavor. The fruits have also been consumed in beverages as a nutritious source of vitamins and minerals.

Health Benefits

Health Benefits

Sapotas contain a healthy dose of iron which help transport oxygen to the blood. Niacin, found in Sapota reduces arthritis pain, promotes healthy circulation assists in natural production of energy. Sapota's high tannin level makes them a prime candidate for diarrhea.

Nutritional Information
Total Calories

Total Calories
134 Kcal



Vitamin C

Vitamin C


344 mg

*Note: Nutritional Information is per piece of Sapota (100g)