Kimaye Strawberry-Cherry Combo

What do you call a Combo which has both Strawberry and Cherries? Delicious right?

Strawberries are soft, sweet, bright red berries, rich in vitamin C and are eaten fresh as a dessert fruit, most often used in pastries and pie fillings. On the other hand, Chilean Cherries are large sweet and extremely juicy.These combo is here to rob you off your taste buds. Enjoy them while they are still in season.

₹36800 ₹47300

200 g + 125 g200 g + 125 g
400 g + 125 g400 g + 125 g
200 g + 125 g200 g + 125 g
400 g + 125 g400 g + 125 g
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Storage Instructions:

- Store strawberries in refrigerated conditions and consume within 1 to 2 days of delivery
- Store Cherries in refrigerated condition and consume within 4 days of delivery

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