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We may be the storytellers of our fruit journey, but our farmers are the real stars. We run empowerment programs that support over 5,000 farmers. We also impart farmer education and showcase demo farms to increase the farmers’ productivity and the quality of our fruits exponentially.

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That’s not it; our infrastructure and cold storage facilities are impeccable too. They are the reason why our farmers are able to sell their produce at premium prices. In addition to this, we ensure that the usage of pesticides is controlled to maintain the quality of the soil.

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Our water consumption has reduced by up to 70% due to the adoption of a drip irrigation system. We’ve created thousands of job opportunities in rural India.

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Kimaye is rightfully GRASP (Global GAP Risk Assessment on Social Practices)-certified.

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Our symbiotic relationship with our farmers has had a positive social impact, and we wear that as a badge of honour.

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