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Fruits Rich In Vitamin C That You Should Be Eating Everyday

Remember the times when our mothers used to chase us every day with a bowl of fruits when we were kids. Well, she had pretty good reasons behind doing the same. Fruits, especially the ones that are rich in Vitamin C are not only essential to growth and development not just for kids, but also for a variety of other to be carried out in our bodies functions as we grow over the years. Unfortunately, our human body is not equipped to produce Vitamin C naturally, which is why we need to get a good share of it from what these nutritious fruits have to offer.

As per a nutritionist in Delhi, “There are numerous benefits of adding  fruits rich in Vitamin C to your diet. Ranging from helping in fighting strokes to healing wounds, Vitamin C also aids in absorbing the necessary iron in our body.

Reasons Why You Need Vitamin C: 

  • Helps in boosting immunity
  • Aids in fighting the free radical activity and fights the oxidative damage done by the activity
  • Keeps the levels of blood pressure in check
  • Aids in stress management
  • Promotes loss of weight. For a proper metabolism for fat control, regular intake of Vitamin C is imperative
  • Averts the onset of scurvy
  • Aids in absorbing iron in the body                                   

Fruits Rich in Vitamin C

Oranges are the best to be included in your diet for that much needed daily dose of Vitamin C.This is one of the many fruits rich in Vitamin that help averting the formation of kidney stones. What’s more? A regular intake of oranges helps in maintenance of beautiful skin and a smooth digestive system.


Voyager Christopher Columbus called this fruit the “the fruit of angels” for a reason. Papaya helps in digestion and is packed with anti-inflammatory properties.Plus, it also aids in building immunity and management of diabetes.