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Top Fruit Safety Tips You Should Be Swearing By Every Time You Consume Them .

Fresh fruits bring with them a horde of health benefits, but it’s the way we consume them that is more important. While fruits have the ability to prevent many diseases such as cancer, heart stroke, not washing them properly can give rise to a number of health problems that might turn into deadly diseases. So we bring to you some top fruit safety tips that will come in handy every time you sit down to consume them.

1. Pick produce that is not bruised or spoiled. Any opening in the fruit is actually a haven for pathogenic bacteria during the transit.

2. Fruits that are spiralized or pre-cut must be refrigerated or should be stored in the refrigerator! If you really need to buy pre-cut fruits, be sure to refrigerate them right after you cut them.

3. Ensure that you separate fruits from raw meat, poultry, and seafood in the shopping cart, in the grocery bags, and in the kitchen.

4. Clean all the fruits before cutting or eating. Don’t wash them in case of packaged fruits, where the packaging says the contents have been washed.

5. Keep the fruits inside the packet in which it was bought from the vendor. Further, the packet should be kept in an isolated place for some time before it can be brought into use.

6. In case of some fruits where you the peel are not eaten, thoroughly rinse produce under running water so that the germs do not get inside the surface when you cut or eat them.

7. Cut the fruits as close as possible to the time you’ll be consuming them.

8. Make sure to use a sharp cutting knife, and clean it well before cutting the fruits.

9. Refrigerate fruits you have cut or peeled within 2 hours (or 1 hour if the room temperature is 90°or warmer). Chill them at 40°F or colder in a clean container.

10. Do not use disinfecting sprays, cleaning wipes or soap on fresh produce, as this can harm its quality and the nutrients the fruit has to offer. Only fresh water should be used in the cleaning of fresh fruits.