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How To Remove And Clean Harmful Pesticides From Fruits

Summers have arrived and so have the days where we can soak ourselves in the pleasure of treating ourselves to delicious fruits like mangoes, water melons, grapes and so on. After all, aside of helping us quench our thirst, fruits also satisfy those hunger pangs that we develop during the day intermittently.
But before we consume these fruits, what we also need to bear in mind is that these are covered with layers of pesticides and harmful chemicals which are used at the time of cultivation. Most of these chemicals are used even after the fruits have been plucked so as to expedite the ripening of them. Hence, it is imperative that we clean the fruits thoroughly before we eat them, since some of these harmful chemicals contain toxins that can make us really sick, sometimes with a disease as serious as cancer.
1.Soak Them In Salt Water
Research suggests that soaking fruits in 10 percent of saltwater solution for a good 20 minutes rids the fruits of all kinds of harmful chemicals and pesticides that may normally be on the surfaces. Also, make sure you do it thoroughly for fruits like grapes, mangoes, guavas, plums, and apples since these might carry higher amounts of residue in their cervices.
a.Soak Them In Vinegar
Soak the fruits in a solution of 90% percent water and 10% vinegar for a minimum of 10 minutes. Then stir the fruits around and rinse well. While this should do the trick, make sure to be a little careful with fruits have thin peels. Also, vinegar is effective in removing a number of types of bacteria that may be found on food as well.
2.Baking Soda
As per some studies done, using baking soda for soaking the fruits can decrease the contamination caused by harmful chemicals and pesticides by 96%. All you require doing is taking a large bowl of water and adding a teaspoon of baking soda to it. Mix this and soak the fruits you want to clean for a few minutes. Then pat the fruits dry with a towel and enjoy them.
3.DIY Spray
There may be times when you might not have the luxury to soak in the fruits for that long. Hence, for times like these, take a tablespoon of lemon juice, 2 tablespoons of white vinegar and mix these in a cup of water. Pour this mixture into a glass spray bottle and make sure you don’t use plastic bottle for storing the liquid. Shake this well and spray this mixture on the fruits and then rub on the fruit for 30 seconds and rinse well in cold water.